The Badboy Lifestyle Seduction Guide

Still, we were going to a nightclub so I was going to try it out. I noticed that the other students appeared to have been transformed. Nine students, some shy, some outgoing, some nervous, some confi dent, some good looking, some hot, turn into men with presence. Talking to these students at noon and then again at 8pm was like talking to two different groups of people.

And I felt it too. Even walking into the club, I instantly felt more powerful. From my fi rst approach, women responded quicker and more intensely to everything I had already been doing. I thought I was good before, but I’d had an upgrade. I was a master, but also a student.

Turns out, I couldn’t be both. Other students saw my game and started treating me more as an instructor than a student. Just because I liked what Badboy and Cortez were doing didn’t mean I could teach it. Their instructors went through about 6 months of training before being turned loose. So I went back to my hotel. Not alone, but Badboy still thought it could have been done much easier and faster. He was right.

The next day two of the students told me they’d gone home with women that night. Neither had ever done anything close to that before. By the end of the workshop, I saw amazing results among students. Badboy Lifestyles is about as different as you can get from The Mystery Method, except in one way. It works.

Going “Direct” works. Inner game works. Body language is huge. Badboy’s unique seminar exercises work. He is a master and an innovator. But it’s not just him. Having spent a great deal of his life with attractive women, Cortez has got a unique insight in what works with them along with the mindset of a natural seducer. All the other instructors were every bit as powerful and inspiring. I think anyone who goes through their absurdly long instructor training process is someone who could take on the world, and teach a great workshop.

We will teach you how to literally change your life, and yourself, in a way that will make you irresistible to women. Follow the advice in this book and you will transform yourself into a master seducer.

The techniques you will learn here are mostly focused on seduction, but you can also use them to improve your day to day interactions with people. They will improve your confi dence, your communication skills and the way you see the world.

That’s the good news. But there are a lot of things you need to work on to become really good. We need to change the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you think. You have been doing some things wrong for your entire life and we need to change them. It’s going to take some time. Probably about 4 to 5 weeks. But it’s worth it. Trust me.

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