Approach Anxiety Is a Myth

Approach anxiety” as it is called, is not really anxiety at all. It is an emotion that has been perverted by society bullshit. When you see a beautiful woman you feel something strong, right? And the hotter she is, the stronger the emotion is. You want deeply from the core of your being to approach the woman to potentially mate with her.

Do you think cavemen perceived this emotion as fear? No, they interpreted it as desire and motivation. But today, because of the repressive nature of the modern society we are told to keep this emotion suppressed and we become afraid of it. We are told that it is wrong.

This is how society keeps us in check. If you had two companies, one where all the guys got laid all the time and one where the guys never got laid, which would be more productive? Guys who don’t get laid are a lot more motivated to work hard, buy more things and follow society’s bullshit than a guy who is completely satisfied and gets laid like a rock star

Do not buy into society’s message that you shouldn’t feel these strong emotions and act on them. They are there to motivate you and help you get the girl. Do not fear them. They are rooted naturally in who you are as a man and should be respected.

That is why we advocate the Direct approach it is congruent with this naturally occurring energy and rooted in what you are really feeling. Since it comes from a genuine, honest place while at the same time communicating alpha qualities, it is a very coordinated and natural way to align your inner qualities and desires with your external technique.

Even if you opt to open with an opinion opener, try going direct early in the set. Open, tell a story about your question and then say, “Actually, that question is bullshit. I think you are fucking adorable and I wanted to talk to you.” It’s the truth, isn’t it? And if you are confident, interesting and unapologetic about it, she will appreciate it. You are also way ahead of the hours of nonsense you’d have to go through pretending to be not interested and playing games.

Don’t be afraid of your emotions towards hot women and don’t be afraid to be direct about it… it works the best.

Always calibrate your energy when you approach a girl. Your energy should be 15-20% higher then hers or her group is. Being higher energy makes you look more dominant, making it harder for them to ignore you. Never be lower energy than they are in first 2 minutes or they will blow you off like there is no tomorrow. Low energy approaches suck the life out of a girl and make her want to get away from you and back to where it is fun.

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