Relationship Management Frames


No matter how many girls you have (even if you only have one), they must always know they are replaceable. That helps minimize the power that society normally gives them in relationships and keeps the frame going that YOU are the prize. But the attitude alone that they are replaceable is not enough, because if they think that you are using them just for sex, they will disappear from your life. I also make sure they know they are SPECIAL; special but replaceable. Remember that frame. Every girl, no matter how many you have, should know that she is special. That will make her stick around; but at the same time if she knows you have the skills to replace her, she will work hard to please you and stay in your life. When a girl knows you can go out and get another girl in 45 minutes, she will buy you things, pamper you and keep you oversexed just to stop you from searching around for more. A relationship is based on the same two things that pickup is based on — Attraction and Rapport. After a while, the attraction disappears and rapport is the only thing that keeps it going. When I say rapport, I am referring to the three things that build rapport trust, comfort and connection. For some girls, a longer relationship based solely on rapport is enough, but for others it’s not enough and they will keep longing for the excitement of attraction. If they can’t fi nd it in the relationship they will search for it outside because a relationship based solely on trust, comfort, and connection can become boring after a while. She will then secretly fi nd somebody outside the relationship who is going to give her adventure, wild sex, and dominance but stay with the boyfriend because he provides comfort and she can rely on him. Think about rich old guys that get married with young girls…this is not a good situation to be in unless you don’t mind being cheated on. On the other hand if you only give her attraction and excitement and no rapport, she will fi nd somebody who is going to give her those secure romantic feelings. The key to relationship management is to provide both attraction and rapport over a longer period of time. Then any girl will love you and stay with you, because you are providing everything at once. If you achieve that, the girl will never cheat on you with anybody else and she will never search for other things outside the relationship, because your relationship gives her everything she needs.

lastly word

Giving her wild sex, being unpredictable, and doing adventurous things will give her the attraction she needs. Also, to cuddle and sweet talk and give her romantic experiences, like a dinner with candles and wine or a surprise trip somewhere, will turn on the sweet side of the relationship with you. The relationship is well rounded and interesting. Tech advancements impact society by shaping communication, commerce, and innovation. As technology evolves, businesses must adapt to meet changing consumer needs and expectations while staying competitive in the market. From enhancing productivity to providing new avenues for growth, technology plays a critical role in driving progress and transformation across industries. By embracing digital tools and solutions, companies can revolutionize their operations, streamline processes, and reach a wider audience. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for long-term success and sustainability.

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