Badboy Philosophy And The Seducer s Mindset

The first thing you must learn to do is to think for yourself. Most of what society has taught you about how to meet and attract women is based on fairy tale ideas of what society thinks is politically correct. Reality tells a different story. Women are wired to find certain qualities attractive and screen for things that no one ever talks about.

Wrong. Girls HATE nice guys. A nice guy represents every average, boring, predictable, monotonous, insecure, not fun, serious, without balls guy she’s ever had the forgettable experience of meeting. This is not to say you have to be an asshole to get girls but did you ever ask yourself, why are many beautiful women are attracted to the jerk or the bad boy? Because he elicits powerful EMOTIONS from her and acts like HE is the PRIZE. Two things the nice guy never does.

It’s sad, but true, that sometimes the more you disrespect them, the more they like you. So don’t be afraid to be more selfish and genuinely ask yourself what a particular girl can bring to your life to make you happy besides tits and ass. When you operate from this mindset, you will get results. This is the mindset of men who have plenty of women in their lives and women instinctively pick up on it and find it attractive.

Girls are also emotional creatures and they want to feel emotions. If the jerk is going to give her love, hate, pain, pleasure, adrenaline, anticipation, excitement, all at the same time, she will be in a constant state of excitement. He literally makes her high on emotions while making her chase him to get more of these feelings. This leads us to another common fallacy

The seducer, the badboy and the jerk succeed because they don’t kiss ass. They go a step further by creating the frame that they are the ones who must be tamed and won over. They establish the rules early and let it be known that they will not tolerate any bullshit.

This makes her intrigued by the challenge and sub communicates that you have many women you can choose from. Girls want to be with someone they perceive as having more power than them. This is profoundly wired into them for evolutionary reasons. Supplicating and kissing ass communicate the opposite of power

What usually happens? A beautiful girl goes out. She wants to find a man who is worthy of her attention. A man that is a step above her. Then when the guys approach they all try to kiss her ass and impress her with money, drinks, cars, etc

And just by qualifying themselves or trying to buy her they sub communicate that they are actually below her, that they need to do something to reach her level, to be worthy… She is searching for somebody who is above her, somebody who is dominant, so she brushes these guys away.

Many hot girls already have a nice guy in their life who buys them things and knows how to treat a lady. Usually, this guy is not sleeping with her and even if she decides to let him, she dumps him quickly because he becomes boring and predictable. Eventually, she can spot this type of guy right away at the bar and avoids him completely because she knows the outcome. Boredom.

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