What is 3-Piece Over/Under Odds? How to Read and Play Odds in detail

Over/Under betting is one of the most popular forms of soccer betting today. So do you know how to read, understand and play the 3-ball Over/Under bet? Find out all the relevant information about this bet as well as learn the secrets to playing effectively through the article below New88!

Understand more about what 3-ball Over/Under is and how to read it

This over/under bet is a way to predict the total number of goals in the match to determine whether you win or lose the bet. Accordingly, players will bet on whether the number of goals scored by the two teams is less than 3 or greater than 3.

Type New88 football odds This is a popular type of soccer betting that many gamers choose to participate in. This bet is also known as over/under 2 and a half goals in all matches.

Usually this bet is often found in friendly soccer tournaments. The players’ playing style is more comfortable, expansive, and more goals are scored.

How to read this over/under bet is understood as follows:

  • Matches with 3 goals will be matches with scores: 0-3, 1-2, 2-1, 3-0 and it doesn’t matter which team wins and which team loses.
  • There are many matches with more than 3 goals, for example: 1-3, 2-3, 3-3, 1-4, 2-4, ….
  • Matches with the number of goals less than 3 are: 1-1, 0-0, 0-1, 0-2.

So when you predict the number of goals is greater than 3, you bet on Over, if you predict the number of goals is less than 3, you bet on Under, if you predict the number of goals is 3, you bet on Draw.

How to calculate win or loss in 3-ball Over/Under

While choosing to bet with this bet, players will need to clearly understand how to calculate wins and losses to be able to bet most accurately.

  • In case the match has a total of 3 goals between the two teams, it will be considered a draw, and players who bet on Over or Under will have their bets returned.
  • In case the match between 2 teams has a total of 4 or more goals, the player who bets on Over will win the bet, otherwise the player who bets on Under will be penalized.
  • In case the match between two teams has a total score of 2 goals or less, the player who bets on Under wins the bet, and the person who bets on Over is the one who bets on Over.

For example:

Players are participating in betting on a friendly match between two teams Vietnam and Thailand. Winning Over has a rate of 0.94 and winning Under has a rate of 0.88. The player bets 100K on this 2.5 over/under bet.

Players bet on Over, the match result will have 3 cases as follows:

  • If the number of goals scored is 3, the player’s bet will be returned.
  • If the number of goals scored is 4, the player wins the bet and gets a bonus. The amount won will be the bet multiplied by the odds. Specifically, the bonus in addition to the bet amount will be added 100 x 0.94 = 94K
  • If the number of goals scored is 2, the player loses the bet. The player lost the bet and was fined an additional 94K.

In general, this way of betting is quite simple and has a fairly high winning rate. Bettors can also participate without having to be too stressed or worried.

Some experiences to help you bet on 3-ball over/under

To play betting effectively, players must not only have luck but also have a lot of betting experience. However, where can those new to betting get experience?

We understand the players’ concerns, so we will compile experiences from our predecessors for new players to learn from. Don’t ignore the notes below if you want to make serious money:

Find out information about the 2 teams participating in the 3-ball Over/Under match

Understanding information about the two teams is very important for players to accurately predict the results. Information about confrontation history, playing style or performance of players in previous matches.

On the contrary, if the two teams have a big difference in strength, performance as well as the skills of the two teams are not compatible, the score will be high and the win will be in favor of Over.

Furthermore, if a team has a good defense, it will rarely concede a goal. Or the striker of an excellent team will have a high scoring ability. All factors affect the match, so the more information you can gather, the better.

Bet based on the nature of the match

Each match you will need to consider the meaning of that match to see the attitude of the players. In football matches that have the nature of eliminating the opponent and have important meanings such as participating in qualifying rounds and competing for prizes, it is often very dramatic.

On the contrary, in friendly matches, or without the meaning of competing for rankings or winning prizes, the players’ playing style is very comfortable, liberal, and open.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for players to score goals and show off their top kicking skills. In friendly matches, betting on Over has a greater chance of winning.

Always observe and follow the match

During a match, the score of the entire match will change at any point, but in the first 20 minutes, players can predict the most accurate score in the 3-ball over/under bet.

Absolutely do not bet when the first match has not yet started, at this time you cannot evaluate the situation of the players.

According to experts, if in the first 15 to 20 minutes, the players cannot score any goals, the odds will increase.

Although the winning reward will be high, this is also the time when it is easier to lose bets. However, if a goal has been scored, the situation is more feasible.

If you want to be more certain, you should wait and watch the second game to review the situation and place bets. It’s not too late.

Choose a reasonable bet level for each bet

Every match, the situation will be different. Even your own knowledge of the participating teams will not be the same. Therefore, the inferences will have different probability of accuracy.

Bet a large amount of money if you are confident with your judgments to get the biggest profit.

If you don’t have much information and the score prediction is not accurate, you should place safe bets with low bets to limit betting penalties.

In addition, you must also bet reasonably according to the amount of capital in your game account. If your capital is small, you can divide the bets per match into smaller ones to increase your chances of betting more times.

Always be calm and confident in your decisions

Longtime players also advise that psychological factors are very important in determining victory or defeat when betting on soccer. Players will have accurate judgments if their psychology is always comfortable and stable.

If you are too worried or nervous, you will only focus on your anxiety and not be able to make accurate judgments. Furthermore, please find out complete information, and make your own judgment.

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New88 – The leading betting site for 3-ball over/under betting

Currently, there are many bookmakers offering online soccer betting with a variety of bets, not just 3-ball Over/Under bets. Players have many choices with many different odds levels.

However, not all playgrounds bring benefits to participants. Bookmaker  New88 is considered a reputable bookmaker with quality sports betting halls, well-invested and professionally invested.

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The house not only built a modern sports game hall that is easy to participate in and easy to bet on, but also has enough bets for players to play more enthusiastically. Players can also learn information through expert betting reviews.

This playground also ensures safety and absolute confidentiality of player information. Fair payout, quick and convenient prize draw. Players also enjoy many preferential regimes, refunding bets if they unfortunately lose the bet.

In short, if you have a passion for soccer betting, don’t miss this form of 3-ball Over/Under betting. If you have chosen to bet on this bet, definitely do not ignore the information in the article above. Hopefully gamers will play soccer betting with the knowledge we share.

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