Secrets to Help You Always Win When Playing Lieng  New88 Card Game

Lieng  New88SG card game is a genrecasino  New88 The most popular hit today. Possessing a simple gameplay and high payout rate, it has helped many gamers win generous bonuses.

Overview of the Lieng card game  New88

What is Lieng? For those who don’t know, Lieng is a pure Vietnamese card game adapted from Poker. Thanks to the simplification of Poker rules, Lieng has become closer to Vietnamese culture. Initially, this folk product had the primitive name of rake to. Like other genres, the card game Lieng  New88 also uses a 52-card set. Coming to this online casino product, players only need to choose the door to play and the house will be the one to decide whether to win or lose.

Northern Lieng fighting rules need to be clearly understood to win effectively

Playing Lieng 3 online allows 2 – 6 people to participate in one bet. Accordingly, the rules for playing card game Lieng  New88 are clearly stipulated as follows:

Before participating in the betting table

According to the 3-card Lieng game rules, gamers will choose the betting table and deposit capital with the minimum amount prescribed by  New88. Each player has the same amount of capital to ensure fairness and transparency.

When the betting takes place

As soon as the betting table begins, the blue nine brand  New88 will begin to deal 3 cards to each bettor. Players will then proceed to play cards clockwise. The player who plays the first card will be the owner of the betting table or the person who won the previous hand.

In addition, each bettor will be able to choose the following actions when it is their turn to play:

  • Call: This term is understood as following to continue the game and it is used when the player wants to reduce capital according to the previous player’s bet.
  • Raising: According to the rules of Lieng card game New88, players will choose this action when they want to choose a higher bet capital than the previous player.
  • All-in: You can choose to put all your capital into betting when you feel the deck of cards in your hand has a high chance of winning.
  • Set and discard: Coming to Lieng New88 card game, you will be given this option when the player feels that his 3-card deck is too bad and cannot win. Of course, if you miss, you will lose all your bet capital in the previous rounds.

When the betting table ends

According to Lieng  New88 card game rules, the betting stage ends only when the player has finished 3 rounds of play and no one else raises. If the bet still has at least 2 players still choosing to raise, they will have to lower their cards so the dealer can compare their scores. If the player has the highest total score, he will win. There are also some special cases that cause betting to suddenly stop:

  • All the gamblers left the betting table and there was only one person left. At that time, this player will be the lucky winner and receive a prize.
  • In the match, there was only 1 player who did not fold the cards.

How to calculate points for Lieng card game  New88 according to the game rules

The rules of Lieng 3 Cards online also have a way to calculate points to determine winning or losing in the following 2 cases:

For the normal  New88 card game scoring method

It can be said that the Lieng playing formula is also an important and indispensable part in the Lieng  New88 card game to help players receive 100% accurate rewards. Accordingly, the rules of the 3-card game have stipulated how to calculate its points as follows:

  • When given 3 cards, the bettor will add the value of the cards to calculate points with the prescribed value of the cards:
  • For 3-card decks with numbers 2 – 9, the score will be calculated by the corresponding value of each card.
  • The 4 cards 10, J, Q, K will be counted together with a score of 0.
  • The Ace card according to the rules of Lieng card game New88 will be counted as 1 point.
  • If the player has a score greater than 9, the total value of the deck of cards is only calculated according to the units of that score.
  • In case 2 players have the following scores, the blue nine brand New88 will determine the winner or loser by comparing the cards in the order of Spades < Hearts < Diamonds < Hearts.

How to calculate special Lieng points according to the game rules

Formula for calculating points for card game Lieng  New88 in special cases

In some special situations, the results of the bet are also determined in order from largest to smallest as follows:

  • Wax: This is the term used by many gamblers when they own 3 identical cards. For example, light suit 6, suit 9, suit K, etc. If in that betting table there are 2 players who both have a suit, the dealer will compare the value of their cards in the four order of 2< 3<4<…..<Ace.
  • Lieng: This is a set of 3 consecutive cards that are not of the same suit. For example, the spiritual set A,2,3; 3-card sacred set J, Q, K,…. Just like betting, when there are 2 people with the same bet, the final result will be decided by comparing the value of the cards.
  • Photo: In the card game Lieng New88, the main photo is a deck of 3 cards, all of which are human heads. That is the set of three cards j, Q, K.

Skill in playing green nine to win against the house

There are many gamblers who already understand the rules of the Lieng 888 card game, but why do they lose when they play Lieng card game? To stay undefeated against the green nine house, you should learn some of the following good tips:
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Self-management skills

As you know, Lieng is just a red and black betting product. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared that you can lose everything at any time. Therefore, every time they fail, players should not be impatient but must be calm to recalculate which step they made wrong. From there, you will gain experience for the next games.

A great way to psychologically attack your opponent

It can be said that the trick of distracting players is a pretty good strategy in playing card games where Lieng always wins. Because in this casino game, most players’ psychology is that if they have small cards, they will not dare to bet. Therefore, you can bet even if your cards are not high.

Some questions about the card game Lien  New88

Coming to the online Lieng card game, many bettors ask the following questions:

  • Which suit is the biggest: Similar to other popular card games, in this legendary masterpiece, cards with the suit of Heart will be considered the largest.
  • Which one is bigger: Photo or Lieng? As mentioned above, the value of the special decks will be arranged in the order Sap > Lieng > Photo. That’s why in a bet with both the sacred and the picture, the gamer holding the sacred set will have a higher chance of winning.
  • What is a picture in Lieng?: The card game Lieng New88 stipulates that the picture is a deck of cards with all heads.


Above is useful information about online casino products Card game Lieng  New88. Hopefully through this article, you will have a more accurate view of this game. Quickly download the Lien betting app to your device and apply some great tricks to apply in your next bets and receive many attractive bonuses.

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