What are the most accurate rules for playing Go online?

The rules of playing online Go is one of the forms of entertainment that many people love. This is an ancient type of chess originating from China and is very famous in Vietnam because of its ease of playing and the attractiveness and fun it brings. So to better understand this type of flag as well as its interesting points, let’s learn with Trang chủ New88 through the following article.

What is the online Go game?

Go is a very good strategy game

The online Go game is a board game with the aim of encircling a large area on the board compared to your opponent. Playing Go is similar to chess and Chinese chess, requiring players to use intelligence, knowledge and special skills to have reasonable strategies if they want to win.

In short, a Go board consists of 2 players, one owns the black pieces and the other owns the white pieces. However, the rules of playing Go online are quite complicated and constantly changing. Therefore, new players who have never played or don’t know how to play will easily get discouraged and give up from the beginning.

Benefits of playing online Go game

The reason why people love playing Go online is because this is a sport that trains players to think and think. The game is interesting because the strategies require thinking from participants while helping them balance between defensive and offensive strategies.

In addition, when playing the online Go game, players also realize their strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to react promptly to unexpected changes in situations. Most people enjoy playing Go because it is creative and does not require constant memorization while playing.

Rules for playing Go online according to international standards

When participating, players need to clearly understand the rules of Go as well as the terms and concepts of this form to be able to easily play as below:

Basic Go rules

The rules of Go play according to international standards

Specifically, some rules for playing the game Go online.

  • Before starting a game of online Go, there will not be any white or black pieces on the board.
  • If the player holding the black piece will have the right to go first. Players have the right to place their chess pieces at any intersection position within the chessboard (do not place their chess pieces in the middle or on the edge of the square).
  • When placing a piece on the board, the player no longer has the right to move that piece.
  • After placing the pieces on the table, it will be your opponent’s turn to play. Both players take turns placing their pieces down until there are no other pieces left and the game ends to determine winner or loser. In addition, when it comes to their round, the player can choose to skip their turn, but if they skip two pieces at the same time, they will lose.

Terminology when playing Go online

If players want to understand clearlyGo rules As well as to win, you need to understand the terms of this game. Here are some terms commonly used in a game:

  • Territory: refers to the place that has been surrounded by black or white pieces. If you want to use Go pieces to occupy the land, the player needs to surround the border area or corners of the board (the empty points of the line are the units of the land).
  • Air: When a player places a piece at a certain intersection on the table, the intersections of horizontal and vertical lines close to the piece are called air. Chess pieces placed at different intersections will have different numbers.

For example: in the middle of the chessboard, the chess piece will have 4 energies, when placed at the border, the chess piece will have 3 energies, and when placed at the corner of the chessboard, the piece will have 2 energies. Furthermore, when placing chess pieces close to each other, the amount of gas will increase and conversely, when the opponent’s chess pieces are placed close to yours, the amount of gas will decrease.
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Some other terms in the Go board

Some terms you need to understand

In the rules of Go, there are some other terms as follows:

  • Prisoners: Prisoners refer to chess pieces that have been surrounded by the opponent’s pieces and are out of gas and will be taken off the board and become prisoners of the opponent. Captured prisoners will be kept aside and at the end of the game, points will be counted.
  • Eye: An eye is one or more empty intersections of a piece surrounded by an opponent. When there are one to two empty intersections, the eye will be called a small eye. If there are three or more intersection points, it is called big eyes.

The pieces are surrounded but at each intersection there is their own piece called the true eye. Chess pieces that are surrounded and lack the intersection of their pieces are false eyes (the prize eyes can be occupied by the opponent’s pieces and are no longer called eyes).


Above is all the basic information aboutGo rules as well as the best way to play to win. Hopefully the knowledge provided by New88 will help you have entertaining moments as well as many attractive and valuable prizes from online Go.

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