How to play mahjong effectively for beginners from A to Z

Trang chủ đăng nhập New88 Passionate about East Asian culture and want to try interesting card games from China? Let’s explore Mahjong – a card game with a rich cultural identity, not only loved in the country of billions of people but also captured the hearts of many Vietnamese gamers. But how to play Mahjong game? What are the rules of the game? Don’t worry, New88 will help you discover this fascinating game through the following article.

What is Mahjong?

The game Mahjong, whose English name is Mahjong, is a typical cultural symbol of China. Mahjong is played with unique cards often made from horn, ivory or plastic, in which four players use their strategies and skills to win.

Mahjong table

The center of every Mahjong game is the square table, simple but no less important. Designed with each side about 80cm long and a height of 60 – 85cm, the Mahjong table provides a comfortable space for players. In particular, when playing, players often spread a towel on the table to protect the cards from scratches.

Mahjong cards

Deck of cards Mahjong Basically includes 160 pieces, divided into many different types, bringing richness and diversity to the game:

  • Row Van, Van, Book: Each row consists of 36 cards, which are the basic cards of the game.
  • Four winds, East, West, South, North: A total of 16 pieces, representing the four directions of East, West, South, and North.
  • Trung Phat Bach: A total of 12 pieces, representing luck and fortune.
  • Set of Flowers and Set of Four Seasons: Each set includes 4 pieces, representing the change of time and life.
  • Four Emperors and Four Queens: Each type consists of 4 pieces, representing nobility and majesty.
  • Frame Set: Includes 8 pieces, providing variation and interesting play styles.

Mahjong rules

To become a good 4-player Mahjong player, mastering the rules of the game is extremely important. Below, we will guide you How to play Mahjong in detail.

How to deal cards

First step in the game Mahjong online is about dealing cards. First of all, all the cards need to be placed face down on the table and mixed together. Then, arrange the cards into two rows, each row consists of 18 cards stacked on top of each other, forming a small square.

The Dealer, also known as the Dealer, usually sits facing the East. The Dealer will roll 2 or 3 dice to determine the deal. With 160 cards, one person will receive 40 cards. Each player’s task after receiving the cards is to arrange them into 20 pairs, placing them in front of them.

The specific way to deal cards is as follows:

  • For example, if the dice roll out 10 points, the Cua Dong person (the Dealer) will start counting: 1 for Cua East, 2 for Cua South, 3 for Cua West, 4 for Cua Bac, then continue to count 5. for Cua Dong, continue until you count 10 points. In this case, number 10 will belong to Cua Nam.
  • Cards will be taken from Cua Nam’s row, continue counting the numbers of the cards in order from left to right. When you get to the 10th card, stop, don’t take the 10th card but take the 11th card.
  • The person in Cua Dong will take first, taking 4 pieces. After that, the turn to take cards will move clockwise: South Gate, West Gate, North Gate. Each person takes 4 pieces.
  • This process happens 3 times, meaning that after 3 turns, each player will have 12 cards. After that, each person will take 1 more card, for a total of 13 cards. Cua Dong people, because they are the Dealer, will take 1 more card for a total of 14 cards.

How to play a game of Mahjong?

After completing the dealing of cards, each game Mahjong online will officially begin. A game consists of 4 turns, corresponding to 4 directions East, South, West, North. Each completed round will end a “wind”. At the beginning of the game, the East wind will start from Cua Dong people. After Cua Dong completes a circle back to its original position, the wind will change to the South wind.

The Cua Dong player, or Banker, will start the game by playing one card, because they own 14 cards. The next player can choose to “take” that card or “pick” a new card from the deck, then play one.
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This process will continue until a player has “come,” meaning they have arranged the 14 cards into 4 “mixes” (groups) and 1 “pair” (two cards of the same number). Specifically:

  • Each pile includes 3 cards. There are two types of cards: “Phong” (3 identical pieces) and “Phnh” (3 pieces in order, for example 1-2-3).
  • Slots can be created by picking up cards yourself, or by capturing cards played by others.
  • Float assets can only “eat” into Phung, not “eat” into Phiong.
  • “Check” is the case where a player already owns 3 identical cards and the fourth card is drawn or played by an opponent.

The priority rule of the game

In Mahjong, Determining which players have the right to play cards is based on a specific priority system.

The first reserved for players who can use the cards they play to “Buzz”. In the case of two or three players waiting for a card to “Buzz”, the person sitting directly below the person who played the card will have priority. For example, if the East Gate plays a card, the South Gate will have priority before the West Gate and the North Gate. Similarly, the West Gate will have priority before the North Gate.

Monday is intended for players who want to use the cards they play to form “Phong” or “Check”.

Final is for using cards to form “Piercing”, and only applies to the person sitting directly below the person who played the card. However, if another player wants to use that card to form a “Phon” or “Check”, they will have priority.

Mahjong buzzing patterns

In the game Mahjong, understanding the different types of mahjong is an important factor to help you shape your strategy and play effectively. Below is a detailed description of each type of buzzing:

  • Buzzing mosquitoes: This is the most basic type of buzzing, without judgment. If you have 4 vertebral bodies including the bulge and the bulge, you will get this type of buzzing.
  • Buzzing: In case East is not the door, if you have 4 players who are all bulges, you will be stuck with 1 judge.
  • Uh mei mei: When all 4 of your bets are empty, you will be stuck with 3 bets.
  • Mun cun: If your 14 cards are all in the same row, you will be flush with 6 bets.
  • Full text: In case your 14 cards are all letters, you will get 18 bets.
  • No mercy: This is the case where you do not take another person’s card but take it yourself, you will receive 1 judgement.
  • Buzzing frequently: If you are waiting for 1 card/man/ward and pick it yourself, you will receive 1 extra judge.
  • Hoarseness: In case you do not take another player’s card but pick up 4 full cards.
  • O Thap Tam Thai Bao: This is a buzz type when you have 13 firsts, nines, and treasury cards, and will receive 13 awards.
  • Ð Dai Tam Nguyen: When your 3 husbands are all 3 stars and Trung Phat Bach, you will get 9 points.
  • Ð Tieu Tam Nguyen: In case your 2 cards are 2 clubs with Trung Phat Bach and the remaining cards are a pair of Trung Phat Bach, you will get 6 bets.
  • Ð Dai Tu Hi: This is the case where you have 4 judges, East, South, West, and North and will receive 36 awards.
  • U Tieu Tu Hi: When your 3 cards are the jacks of East, South, West, and North and the remaining card is a pair of eyes, you will win with 24 bets.

Process of playing mahjong at the houseNew88

If you want to challenge your playing skills Online Mahjong, dealerNew88 is a good choice. Below are the detailed steps for you to participate in this exciting game:

Step 1: Register an account

First, you need to create an account at the houseNew88. Click the “Register” button on the house’s homepage, then fill in all required information. Next, you will deposit money into your newly created account to be able to participate in games.

Step 2: Choose the correct game name

After logging in to your account, go to the “Casino” section with a variety of games such as Aztec Treasure, Bau crab, shrimp and fish, American Poker 2,…choose Mahjong to continue.

Step 3: Place bet

Once you have chosen the appropriate table, you can proceed to place your bets. Make sure you understand how to play and the rules of Mahjong before starting the game.

Step 4: Receive results and receive rewards

Finally, when the game ends, if you come before the dealer, you will win and receive a reward corresponding to the amount you bet.

Mahjong is a game that requires thinking and strategy, providing an interesting challenge for beginners. Initially, it can be a bit difficult, however, once you have grasped the rules and strategies of the game, Mahjong not only brings fun and excitement but also opens up opportunities to earn money. Attractive profits.

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