The Area Scan Camera: A Postal Sorting Device

Post sorting usually requires a human to examine each and every piece of mail – but sometimes this is just not possible. This article discusses the benefits and drawbacks of new technology, like the area scan camera, which can quickly sort large amounts of mail by country or region.

What is the area scan camera?

The area scan camera takes pictures of each piece of mail as it is being sorted, and the pictures are used to create a digital file that can be used to identify the contents of the package.

How does the area scan camera work?

The area scan camera is a postal sorting device that uses a laser to read the addresses on mailpieces. The camera scans each address several times, allowing it to distinguish between different types of letters and numbers.

Why is it used in postal sorting machines?

The Area Scan Camera is a highly-advanced optical imaging technology that is used in postal sorting machines. The camera uses a laser to scan the parcels as they are being moved through the machine, and it can quickly and accurately identify and sort the mail. The Area Scan Camera is particularly useful in sorting large volumes of mail quickly and accurately, which is why it is commonly used in postal sorting machines.


If you’re like most small business owners, your mail is a critical part of your operation. But sorting it can be a time-consuming chore that takes up valuable resources. That’s where the area scan camera comes in handy. This device captures an image of every inch of a given area, which allows you to quickly and easily sort through your mail. With this technology at your disposal, you’ll be able to streamline your postal process and save precious time and energy.

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