Super Standard Tips for Shaking Dice From Experts

How to roll the dice is one of the popular gambling games that has been around for a long time in our country. Let’s learn how to roll the dice perfectly  vnew88 Summary of details below!

Introduction to dice

This Sic Bo game originated in China, then was developed by Western countries and is now available in most casinos.

They have many different names: Over/Under (abbreviated as O/U) or Sicbo, big – small, Hi -Lo, rolling dice… Whatever the name, they all comply with the rules. Playing and betting rules are the same.

In Vietnam, you can see many forms of playing Sic Bo such as in games, football, or exploding dice… In other words, Sic Bo also has many variations and the way to play is also easy to understand.

Based on predicting the number of points on the dice, players have many chances to win and receive big rewards.

Normally, dice games only last about 2 to 3 minutes. Therefore, rolling dice can be considered the fastest profitable investment channel today.

Highlights of the dice shaking game

Any player always wants to find a way to roll the dice according to their personal wishes. The goal is also to increase your chances of winning in each game.

So what are the benefits of this way of rolling dice that makes players always want to own it? Simply because playing dice in this form always brings many advantages to players such as:

  • The rules are simple, easy to play and anyone can participate in betting.
  • Highly entertaining, you can refer to drinking beer dice with friends.
  • The odds are extremely high, and the probability of winning is high.
  • Choose to bet on dice at reputable bookmakers to avoid fraud.
  • This is where many betting experts gather to help you learn more skills and experience.
  • A variety of betting options with very attractive winning rates is the motivation to help players participate.

Instructions on how to shake Dice correctly as desired

Quite a few players participate in dice rolling, but most of them play based on emotion so the winnings will not be high and they may even lose. Therefore, to easily win bets on this bet, please refer to some ways to roll the dice as you like below.

How to roll the dice 1-3 and 2-4

Although rolling the dice according to 1 – 3 and 2 – 4 is quite simple, it brings a very high winning rate. This method of rolling dice is often used by people who play big, so the rewards are extremely attractive.

This way of playing requires you to be really patient to be able to make accurate judgments. For Over/Under bets, players can use the betting unit mechanism of 1 – 3 – 2 – 4.

That is, if you bet 10 units, it will be in that order 10 – 30 – 20 – 40, and if it is 100 units, it will be 100 – 300 – 200 – 400 respectively. If the participant can If you win continuously, you will be able to play through all betting windows.

In case you win 4 consecutive bets, you will start a new bet. If you lose, you will start over at that bet level and from the beginning.

How to roll dice according to the equilibrium trend

You can also use balanced dice rolling when participating in Sic Bo. Players will start betting on identical pairs versus total bets. This way, your chances of winning will also be faster.
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According to the experience of playing dice games of most longtime players, the numbers that will bring luck and high winnings to players are 9 and 12.

Therefore, you should consider before betting. In addition, you can also use other numbers, as long as you have reasonable calculations and do not follow the crowd.

Roll the dice in a big way

This method of rolling the dice is often used by people who want to win big. Because everyone who plays knows that if they roll only once successfully, the player will receive a reward three times higher.

According to the experience of experts, with this method they often choose to roll the dice on number 8 or number 13 because it will be easier to win.


It can be said that the winning rate of rolling dice is extremely attractive, so players will spend a large amount of capital to be able to collect a lot of money after winning the bet.

However,  New88 advises you to consider carefully before choosing this way of playing. Because if you win a lot, you won’t lose a lot, just a small mistake can cause you to lose a large amount of money. In addition, you can refer to our card games category for more games!

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