Healthy and Better Future with AEDs Manufactured by Mindray

Mindray is an innovative technology firm comes from China. Specialized in the AED area, they continuously produced high-quality AED supplies. As a frontier AED company, they provide the world with innovative AED solutions to save more people’s lives from heart attacks.

Smart AEDs, made by Mindray.

Mindray is also enhancing the performance of its AED devices, especially to improve the intelligence and ease of use of its products, to better buy valuable time for patients, and improve the success rate of resuscitation.

Mindray Beneheart S series, with its pre-charging technology of “open the lid and turn on, from power on to discharge in 7 seconds” and 360J defibrillation power, allows rescuers to quickly achieve the first defibrillation. Such technology could only be seen in operating room-grade medical AED devices in the past.

At the same time, Mindray’s AED devices are simple to operate, have low learning costs, and can also identify the challenges encountered by the rescuer in the course of administering aid, intelligently adjusting animated guidance and voice prompts to provide detailed guidance to the rescuer and improve emergency services. Most importantly, improve the success rate of first aid.

AEDs help build a better, healthier future

For the future popularity of AEDs, on the one hand, Mindray will continue to upgrade the technical level of AED devices at the technical level, focusing on its rapidity, intelligence, ease of use, first aid efficiency, reliability, and other innovations, aiming to comprehensively improve the quality and standard of first aid, make the use of AED devices more convenient and make it easier for the public to give help.

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