Take the Gym for a Test Drive

Joining a gym for a year is a big commitment. You can’t really tell what it’s truly like by just spending a few minutes walking around. You really should try it out before signing on the dotted line. Most gyms will offer you a few free day passes or a free week. Take advantage of this. You want to work out at your potential new club at all the different times you would be using it. What’s it like at peak hours? Can you get on a treadmill when you want to, or are there long lines? What are the people like? Is it too hot? Too cold? Too crowded? Not crowded enough? Can you get into the classes you want? Use everything you would be using if you joined, including the showers. Also see what your commute to and from the gym is like. Rule out all surprises before you make the big commitment.

Many gyms offer their freebies online.

If you are considering joining a specific gym, check out their website first. Many gyms will have things like free passes and special offers posted on their sites. Free day passes, free weeks, free introductory training sessions, and more. You can often print them out and bring then in for your free trial or discounts.

The  FreeOrientation Is All About Selling You Personal Training

hen you are sitting in front of the salesperson at a fitness club deciding whether or not you will join, he or she will inevitably start to list for you all the wonderful things that come with your membership in an effort to sweeten and ultimately close the deal. One of those incentives is usually a free personal training session. Or two, possibly even three sessions. While the salesperson may tell you that this session is a great way for you to learn how to use the equipment so that you can do it on your own, that’s the exact opposite of what the club management wants.

Most trainers will give you a free session.

All you have to do is ask. Trainers make their money by training clients. By approaching a trainer and asking for a workout, you are expressing that you are interested in working with that person and that you are a potential client. Most will welcome the opportunity to sell you what they’re peddling. Take the trainer for a test drive. Give him or her a chance to wow you.

If you like that person, you can buy a package. If not, move on to another trainer. Trainers are expensive. You can literally do a free session with every trainer in the gym if you want. Just because you don’t have a free session from the gym doesn’t mean you can’t ask for one. Most gyms couldn’t care less about letting a trainer do a free session. In fact, they often encourage it. It costs them nothing and holds the potential for the club to make money when the trainer converts you into a paying client.

The Salesperson Will Often Try to Sell You with Things That Won’t Make You Any Fitter

That’s right. Clean equipment. Clean locker rooms. Nothing to do with what is going to really get you in shape. So the gym owners know and exploit this fact. That’s why when you get your introductory tour of the gym the sales people don’t spend too much time on the finer points of the exercise equipment. They show you the sparkling clean showers. The pristine changing room. They’ll even make a point of taking you through the group exercise studio as the cleaning crew is mopping the floor. They will sell you on everything but what will help you get in shape.

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