Asian Handicap – Strategy for Winning Winning Bets Successfully

Asian Handicap is a form of betting that often appears at sports tournaments. Possesses relatively simple gameplay, but suitable for many audiences. Therefore, this version won a lot of love from gamers. If you are also interested in them, you can quickly refer to the content Link Jun88 review sau.

Initial comments on Asian handicap

In soccer, this bet is also known as Handicap. In complete contrast to the European betting style, Asian handicap is more about assessing the difference between the two participating players, maybe the gap between strength, strength,…

Therefore, to create balance, most online bookmakers will apply different odds. Specifically, the handicapped team is the top player in the group and the handicapped team is the underdog.

Besides, this bet will be calculated during the actual competition time of both sides. This also means that the results of extra time or penalty shootouts are eliminated.

How to read Asian handicap correctly?

Depending on each odds, they will have different readings. Therefore, mastering this will help you limit unfortunate mistakes and be more confident in the betting process. Specifically:

Half ball bet – ¼ bet

Entertainment game portals will offer this bet when the performance of the two players is not too different. Therefore, they often appear in the top teams of the rankings.

Accordingly, the upper team will accept the lower team at a rate of 0.25. However, the specific way to read the regulations is:

  • If the top team wins the match, those who invested in the bottom player will lose everything.
  • When the underdog team turns the situation around and wins the match, if you invest in them, you will receive a generous reward.
  • At the end of the match, the two players have equal scores. Thus, choosing the upper team will lose half of your money and betting on the last player will cost you half of your capital.

Asian Handicap handicap 0.75 goals

At these odds, the difference between the two teams is shown quite clearly. At this time, the top player will handicap the bottom team with 0.75 points. Accordingly, the way to read the odds is as follows:

  • If the favorite team leads the score with a difference of 2 goals or more, those betting on the bottom player will lose all their capital.
  • In a situation where the underdog team leads by 1 goal or the result is a draw, those who invest in the bottom player will win all their capital.
  • In case the upper team loses only 1 goal, closing the book for this player you will lose ½ of your bet capital.

Some tips to help you successfully bet on Asian odds

Certainly before participating in the soiree Asian handicap, Everyone is interested in good playing tips. Down hereJun88 I will reveal to you a few ways to win big rewards every day:\
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You should bet on Asian odds in major tournaments

Normally in these seasons, information is published continuously and bettors can find it easily. From there, everyone will grasp the correlation of strength and performance between the two players. Once you have analyzed thoroughly, you will make a relatively accurate decision.

Only choose a betting table that suits your ability

If you are a newbie, you should only choose bet levels that suit your ability. Because at tables with high payout rates, there will often be many veteran players. Therefore, the chance of you winning is relatively low, but the possibility of losing all your capital is very high.

Control financial resources more flexibly

One of the common strategies that many bettors tell each other is to allocate capital appropriately. Accordingly, you absolutely cannot “go all in” for just one match.

Instead, participants should break them down into different parts. Because if you unfortunately lose, you still have a chance to win in the next playing session. But from these failures, you will learn experience for yourself to overcome the next time you bet.


Above is the detailed content related to it Asian handicap but Jun88 want to share with you guys. Hopefully, through this article, everyone has a more general view of this form of betting. Bet players, quickly register an account today so you don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the conquest. Apply the good betting strategies above to win your dream money!

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