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YES TECH’s LED Screens Illuminate Success: Exploring Iconic Installations

Established in 2001, YES TECH stands as a pioneer LED screen manufacturer. With over two decades of expertise, YES TECH has become synonymous with innovation, boasting a diverse range of LED screens tailored for both outdoor and indoor environments. Let’s delve into the success stories that showcase the prowess of YES TECH’s cutting-edge LED screen for outdoor and indoor.

The Super Bowl LVIII Spectacle in Las Vegas

One of YES TECH’s triumphs lies in the iconic Super Bowl LVIII held in Las Vegas. The chosen products for this grand event were the MG7S P3.9 and MG Creative-Extended Series—exemplary LED screens for outdoor applications. These state-of-the-art displays delivered an immersive visual experience, elevating the grandeur of the event to unprecedented heights.

News & Events: Unveiling the Latest Information

Stay abreast of the latest industry developments and YES TECH’s groundbreaking innovations through the dedicated “News & Events” section. From product launches to industry insights, this platform keeps enthusiasts informed and engaged with the dynamic world of LED display technology.

The Glory of the Oriental Shines Worldwide

YES TECH’s impact extends globally, encapsulating the brand’s commitment to delivering excellence that transcends geographical boundaries.

120+ Patents and 6 Global Warehouses

The commitment to innovation is evidenced by YES TECH’s acquisition of 120+ patents, solidifying its position as a leading LED screen manufacturer. With 6 global warehouses, efficient product distribution enhances its global reach.


In conclusion, YES TECH’s LED screens, specifically designed for outdoor applications, have left an indelible mark on some of the most iconic events worldwide. From the glitz of the Super Bowl LVIII to a continuous commitment to innovation and global accessibility, YES TECH continues to shine brightly as a premier LED screen manufacturer with its LED screen for outdoor and indoor.

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