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The Process of Rapid Tooling at HordRT, a Leading Rapid Tooling Manufacturer


Rapid tooling is a cornerstone of modern manufacturing, enabling companies to swiftly transition from design to production. At HordRT, a leading rapid tooling manufacturer, they have streamlined the rapid tooling process to provide efficient and reliable solutions for their clients. This article outlines the key steps involved in rapid tooling at HordRT, showcasing their commitment to speed, precision, and quality.

Rapid DfM (Design for Manufacturing) Assessment

Prompt DfM Assessment: Upon receiving the customer’s order, their team at HordRT initiates a rapid Design for Manufacturing (DfM) assessment. Within 24 hours of order confirmation, they provide comprehensive feedback on the manufacturability of the design, highlighting any potential issues and proposing optimized solutions.

Simultaneous Tooling Design and Steel Cutting

Concurrent Tooling Design and Steel Cutting: Following the approval of the DfM assessment, they at HordRT commence the tooling design process concurrently with the cutting of the main steel. This parallel approach minimizes lead times and accelerates the overall production timeline, ensuring swift progress from design to manufacturing.

CNC Machining of Cavity and Core Inserts

Precision CNC Machining: With the tooling design underway, their team at HordRT utilizes state-of-the-art CNC machining technology to fabricate cavity and core inserts with unparalleled precision. These critical components are machined to exact specifications, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in the final product.


The rapid tooling process at HordRT exemplifies their commitment to efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction. From prompt DfM assessments to concurrent tooling design and CNC machining, they prioritize speed and quality at every stage of the process. By leveraging advanced technology and expertise, At HordRT, they are dedicated to shaping the future of rapid tooling manufacturer through innovation and excellence in rapid tooling solutions.

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