The Key Features of RTLS in Healthcare

Blueiot‘s RTLS solutions expertise in patient and staff tracking, healthcare asset management, and medical equipment monitoring makes them a reliable partner in the industry. In this article, we will explore the key features of RTLS in healthcare.

Sub-meter Precision:

One of the primary features of RTLS in healthcare is its sub-meter precision. This means that the location data captured by the system is incredibly accurate, enabling healthcare providers to track patients, staff, and assets with high precision. The sub-meter level of accuracy allows for effective monitoring, real-time updates, and prompt response to critical situations, ultimately enhancing patient safety and workflow management.

Electronic Fence:

RTLS systems incorporate the concept of an electronic fence, which creates virtual boundaries within the healthcare facility. These fences are designed to detect and trigger alerts when individuals or assets equipped with RTLS tags move beyond their designated areas. The electronic fence feature adds an extra layer of security, prevents unauthorized access to restricted zones, and enhances overall safety within the healthcare environment.

Individualized Tracking:

Another significant feature of RTLS in healthcare is individualized tracking. Each patient, staff member, or asset is equipped with a unique RTLS tag that enables their precise identification and tracking. This individualized approach ensures accurate monitoring of patients’ movements, staff interactions, and asset utilization. It enables healthcare providers to gather valuable data for analysis, optimize resource allocation, and streamline operations for improved efficiency.


RTLS has become an indispensable technology in the healthcare industry, and Blueiot is at the forefront of providing effective RTLS solutions. With sub-meter precision, electronic fence capabilities, and individualized tracking, RTLS in healthcare offers a wide range of benefits.

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