The Benefits of Modern Technology for Your Company

This post is for you if product monitoring and inventory management are confusing. Learn how new technology is transforming the corporate world in this article. Also, the technology helps your small and medium-sized retail establishments!

UROVO DT30: A powerful device for indoor scenarios

– Light and handy with an ergonomic design

Slim body design with a ring-wave rear shell that fits in the palm of your hand to allow you to work more comfortably.

– Unhindered touch typing

The grooved button provides superior touch sensitivity.

Its backlight provides perfect visibility in low-light conditions.

– Clear code scanning feedback

2W high-power speaker is perfect for indoor scenarios, with special sound effects in similar products.

The code-scanning indicator provides users with clear and accurate code-scanning feedback.

– Smooth code scanning

International professional scanning engine, fast, accurate, and powerful 1D/2D barcode scanning performance.

– Dual-band WiFi ensures stability and fast network roaming

Specially optimized WiFi transmission capability commonly used indoors to reduce significantly network transmission delays, providing smooth information transmission during WiFi roaming and better work efficiency.

– Strong industrial configuration

Octa-core high-performance processor with Android 9.0 OS and 2+16 GB memory to provide robust and excellent underlying computing capacity.

– Large battery capacity

With a 4500mAh high-capacity replaceable battery, DT30 can continuously run all day after fully charging. In addition, it comes with a regular cradle and a cable charger, ensuring longer working endurance.

An intelligent PDA mobile computer’s advantages

A smart PDA barcode scanner is a crucial tool if you’re trying to simplify your process. These are just a few advantages of utilizing them:

  1. Quicker checkout: Automatically detecting and tracking inventories helps quicken your checkout process. As a result, you’ll spend less time attempting to enter data and more time concentrating on your clients manually.
  2. More accuracy: It is precise enough to recognize even the most challenging codes. Less time will be lost on mislabeling goods or stock as a result.

Why should you select UROVO?

UROVO is committed to providing mobile apps. It employs over 1200 people, has over 10 subsidiaries, and operates in more than 100 nations and areas. Smart data terminals, intelligent payment terminals, and specialized printers are UROVO’s primary areas of design, research, development, manufacture, and sales. It is one of the first businesses in China to concentrate on the R&D of goods for mobile industry applications.

Ultimately, the most excellent personal assistant for retail operators is the UROVO ET28 mobile computer. To learn more about UROVO PDA solutions for the inventory management system, contact us.

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