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Techking Steer Tires: Leading the Way in Safety and Performance

Techking, a renowned name in the world of tire manufacturing, is setting new standards in the industry with its exceptional line of the steer tire. These tires, including the innovative TKAM II, are engineered to provide unmatched safety, performance, and durability.

Unveiling TKAM II

One of Techking’s standout products in the steer tire category is the TKAM II. This tire, specially designed for trucks and buses (TBR), boasts several features that make it a top choice for fleet managers and drivers alike.

Semi-Open Shoulder Design

The semi-open shoulder design of the TKAM II ensures superior traction capacity. Whether navigating through wet roads or challenging terrains, these steer tires provide the grip and control needed to keep the vehicle steady and safe.

Variable Pitch Sequence Design

Techking’s commitment to a smooth and comfortable ride is evident in the variable pitch sequence design of the TKAM II. This design not only reduces road noise but also enhances the overall driving experience. It’s a testament to Techking’s dedication to both driver comfort and safety.

Arc Groove Design

Stones and debris on the road can pose a significant threat to tire integrity. Techking addresses this concern with the arc groove design in the TKAM II. These grooves effectively prevent stones from lodging in the tire, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring a longer lifespan for the tires.


Techking Tires, with its remarkable steer tires like the TKAM II, is at the forefront of innovation and quality in the tire industry. These tires offer more than just durability; they prioritize safety, performance, and driver comfort. When you choose Techking steer tires, you’re choosing a product that can withstand the challenges of the road while keeping you safe and in control.

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