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Techking Off the Road Tires: Superior Performance and Durability

Off the road tire is essential for heavy-duty vehicles operating in demanding industries such as mining, construction, and quarrying. Techking has developed the ETNT off the road (OTR) tire, a cutting-edge solution designed to excel in challenging terrains.

Enhanced Load Capacity and Inflation Pressure:

Techking’s ETNT OTR tire sets new standards in load capacity and inflation pressure capabilities. With a remarkable 6% increase in extra steel cords and a 14% wider metallic bead bundle compared to previous designs, this tire delivers superior strength and load-bearing capacity. The enhanced construction enables heavy-duty vehicles to carry heavier loads without compromising safety or tire performance.

Stronger Carcass Structure:

The ETNT OTR tire boasts a robust 6-ply tire structure design that enhances its overall strength and durability. The advanced carcass construction ensures excellent resistance against impacts, cuts, and punctures, reducing the risk of downtime caused by tire damage.

Minimized Downtime

Techking’s ETNT OTR tire significantly reduces downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operations and increased productivity. Compared to the previous design, the new design demonstrates remarkable improvements. The ETNT OTR tire features a 20% increase in belt structural strength, enhancing its resistance to wear and tear.


In conclusion, Techking’s ETNT off the road tires represents a significant advancement in tire technology for heavy-duty vehicles operating in challenging terrains. With its enhanced load capacity, higher inflation pressure capabilities, and stronger carcass structure, the ETNT tire enables operators to tackle demanding tasks with confidence and efficiency. By choosing Techking’s ETNT OTR tire, industries such as mining, construction, and quarrying can experience increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved safety, ultimately contributing to the success of their operations.

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