Pretreating nucleic acids with Sample Release Reagent

You might consider using a Sample Release Reagent  when you need to release nucleic acids from specimens for downstream analyses. This blog post will explore what a Sample Release Reagent is and how it’s used.


Pretreating nucleic acids with the Sample Release Reagent (SAR) is a powerful way to reduce inhibitors and enhance DNA yields from genomic DNA. Using this reagent, researchers can increase the efficiency of their laboratory processes while reducing potential contamination risks.

What is Sample Release Reagent?

Sample Release Reagent is a nucleic acid pretreatment agent that helps improve downstream sequencing reactions. By breaking down the DNA or RNA molecules, the Sample Release Reagent can help to reduce the number of errors that can be made during sequencing.

The Sample Release Reagent is a pretreatment step that releases nucleic acids from the solid support material. The reagent dissolves the solid support, releasing the nucleic acids into the solution. This allows for easier analysis and faster turnaround times.

Why use Sample Release Reagent?

Sample Release Reagent is a pretreatment agent that releases nucleic acids from a solid support. A mixture of organic and inorganic reagents liberates the nucleic acids from the support. Sample Release Reagent can be used to pretreat DNA, RNA, or other biomolecules before they are analyzed by PCR or other methods.

Reliable Sample Release Reagent from Sansure

Sample release reagent developed based on the Sansure one-tube fast release technology platform. Adopting Sansure patent nucleic acid release technology can quickly lyse pathogens at room temperature without heating, centrifuging, or replacing tubes; the sample DNA/RNA can be extracted quickly through simple operations.

Sample Release Reagent is used for the pretreatment of nucleic acids to release the nucleic acids from specimens. The released nucleic acids can be used for clinical in vitro diagnosis or for detection through equipment.


Sample Release Reagent is a pretreatment agent for nucleic acids that can be used to remove DNA and other genetic material from a sample. It can also be used to degrade or denature the target nucleic acid.

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