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Optimize Water Pumping Efficiency with FRECON’s PV200 Series Solar Pump Inverter

FRECON, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, introduces the cutting-edge PV200 Series Solar Pump Inverter. As a leader in innovative technology, FRECON presents a versatile and high-performance solution designed to revolutionize water pumping systems. With compatibility for both DC and AC inputs, advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms, and a range of protection functions, the PV200 series embodies FRECON’s commitment to efficiency and environmental sustainability. Discover how this advanced inverter can elevate your water pumping operations for a greener future.

Versatility Meets Compatibility

The PV200 Series Solar Pump Inverter offers exceptional compatibility, accepting both DC and AC inputs. Whether powered by solar photovoltaic energy, a diesel generator, or grid power supply, this inverter adapts seamlessly, ensuring continuous water pumping operations. This adaptability reduces the reliance on conventional power sources and contributes to a more sustainable energy mix.

Precision and Efficiency with Optimized MPPT

FRECON’s PV200 Series employs an optimized Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm, achieving an accuracy exceeding 99%. By precisely tracking and optimizing the solar panel’s output, this inverter maximizes energy utilization, reducing waste and enhancing overall efficiency. This sophisticated algorithm empowers water pumping systems to operate at their peak performance.

Robust Protection and Automation

The PV200 Series Solar Pump Inverter comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of protection functions. From lightning protection and overvoltage to undervoltage, overcurrent, and overload protection, this inverter ensures the safety and longevity of your water pumping system. Additionally, the light-weak sleep and light-intensity wake-up function automates the inverter’s operation based on ambient light conditions, minimizing manual intervention.


FRECON’s PV200 Series Solar Pump Inverter stands as a testament to efficiency, adaptability, and innovation. By combining compatibility with various power inputs, advanced MPPT algorithms, and robust protection functions, the PV200 series empowers industries to optimize water pumping operations for a greener future. Choose FRECON’s PV200 series and unlock the potential of efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly water pumping solutions.

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