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Maximum Benefits and Extended Service Life With EvoTec Power’s 500 kW Alternator

One of the top manufacturers of alternators is EvoTec Power, whose 500 kW alternator delivers optimum advantages and a longer lifespan. These alternators are renowned for their great performance and dependability, which guarantees steady and reliable power production. Customers can rest easy knowing they will always have a dependable supply of electricity for their vital applications thanks to EvoTec Power’s alternator 500 kW.

TCU368 Series Alternator: Efficient Energy Conversion and Cost Reduction

The TCU368 series alternator from EvoTec Power is designed to deliver efficient energy conversion and cost reduction. This alternator supports both 400V and 480V generators, making it compatible with a wide range of applications. With excellent energy conversion efficiency, the alternator 500 kW optimizes performance and ensures maximum power output. The well-designed ventilation structure enhances cooling and reliability, further contributing to its efficient operation. Additionally, the alternator’s easy maintenance design reduces use costs, providing customers with long-term savings.

Long Service Life through Short Structure and Protective Coating

EvoTec Power’s alternator 500 kW boasts a short structure and shockproof design, making it suitable for versatile usage in various settings. The compact structure allows for easy integration into different systems, making it highly adaptable. The shockproof design ensures durability, making the alternator resilient in demanding environments. Furthermore, the alternator is protected with a marine varnish that provides moisture-proof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging properties. This protective coating significantly extends the service life of the single-phase alternator, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period.


EvoTec Power’s alternator 500 kW offers maximum benefits and extended service life. With its reliability and high-performance capabilities, it guarantees consistent power generation. The TCU368 series alternator excels in efficient energy conversion, reducing costs while delivering optimized performance. Its short structure and shockproof design enable versatile usage in various settings, while the protective coating ensures a long service life. Choose EvoTec Power’s alternator 500 kW for reliable power generation, cost savings, and durability in critical applications.

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