Indian women come this way for girls Let’s talk on the knees that comes with a light sip of tea

Indian women are another type of cloth. That remains beautiful and is very unique.

Come this way for Indian women to hold their knees and talk. That comes with a light sip of tea on the subject of “ fashion ” well, which today we will talk about. “Fashion Sari”, a fashion that is unique, the beauty of Indian women because of the “sari” to be mentioned. It is considered as another type of fabric. That remains beautiful and is very unique. not allergic to culture or the architecture of India at all Let’s just say… if you want to know the origin of the saree. who introduced the girls in love with India and fond of fashion You should not miss reading this article.

Thairath Women who have the opportunity to fly directly to India to appreciate the beauty of the way of life to have learned the culture and collect beautiful pictures of the most precious architecture In addition, these For this visit to India in what we would like to have to offer This is the story of the “Sari” fabric. Let’s talk about the origin of the charm of this fabric.

“Sari” that has been classified as one of the women’s attire in India. which is a piece of cloth that has a length of 5-6 meters to wear or wrap according to tradition Which there are many more than 30 types ever. However, in each method of wrapping cloth It can also indicate the domicile. or region as well In which each set or method has a different charm and fascination.

“Fashion” in India is partly derived from western culture. Whether it’s a set of sequins and gold threads with the charm of the fabric in each piece is the art of embroidery The beauty of the fabric has come out in a different pattern. Both in the shirt, skirt, and saree

One thing that can be noticed of the saree, in addition to the beauty of the patterns that are present on the fabric, is the bright “color” of the saree. A local guide in India has told us that This colorful reason It’s because…

“Since many states of India are large deserts, high drought Women are likened to beauty. and beautiful flowers that exists in the middle of the desert.”

The shirt part The shirt

part which is a short shirt about under the breast both sleeveless and a single-arm type only not enough Because the shirt is also a matter of design work as well. that I want to be simple or a concave showing the back, whether it is more or less or not showing at all, it depends on the satisfaction of the wearer.
The skirt/saree
Next to the skirt part is a “pati coat”, a skirt that is worn inside the saree. This is a simple fabric that is the same color as the saree that is worn outside. which the sari will have a pleated front Leave a man with a layered length, fluttering shape, etc., depending on the person.


Finally, in the matter of “Jewelry”, whether it is a necklace, earrings, necklace, forehead, bracelet or ring, in this respect depends on the person whether to wear it or not. But when there is an important event from having been exposed with their own eyes then women in this country She got up and dressed up in full outfits.

And the last thing I would like to say is the “sari” or “sari dress” that Indian women have worn together. They wear each other on a daily basis. Just that not everyone wears each other. which in this part depends on the religious strictness of the individual

if friends who have tried to visit India Don’t forget to rent a “sari dress” to take photos with beautiful architecture. of India, see it once Guarantee that you will love the way of life. smile of people and the beauty of this country unknowingly


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