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Hontech Wins: A Reliable LED Light Supplier for Agriculture

As a farmer, finding a reliable LED light supplier is crucial for the success of your business. Hontech Wins is a reliable LED light supplier for agriculture, with over 13 years of experience in the development and production of LED lighting solutions for the agriculture industry. Their focus on improving animal welfare through professional quality and reliable lighting solutions has made them a trusted supplier for many agriculture businesses.

Advantages of Hontech Wins as Your LED Light Supplier:

As your LED light supplier, Hontech Wins offers a range of advantages that can help improve your farming business. Their lighting solutions are specifically designed for the needs of different animals, with different colors and spectrums of light recommended for different types of animals. Their broiler house lighting solutions use 5000K white light, which contains red, blue, and green colors in one light. The blue color reduces chicken movement during catching, improving the quality of chicken meat, while the red color increases food intake and reduces the feather pecking of chicks. The green color enhances the proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells, increasing the growth rate at an early age.

Hontech Wins’ agricultural LED lighting solutions are also highly flexible and controllable, with dimming lighting systems that can be customized to the specific needs of the farm. Their technical support for customer projects and lighting simulation and proposals demonstrate their commitment to providing the best possible lighting solutions for their customers. Additionally, their products have applied for 34 patents, demonstrating their commitment to product innovation and lighting control system research and development.

By choosing Hontech Wins as your LED light supplier, you can reduce your energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills and greater energy efficiency. Their solutions can also improve animal welfare and performance, leading to healthier, more productive animals and better quality meat and eggs.


Hontech Wins is a reliable and trusted LED light supplier for agriculture, providing high-quality and reliable lighting solutions that can improve animal welfare and performance while reducing energy consumption and costs. With their specific color recommendations, highly flexible and controllable dimming lighting systems, technical support for customer projects, and product innovation and lighting control system research and development, Hontech Wins is a valuable partner for any agriculture business looking to improve efficiency and animal welfare. Choose Hontech Wins as your LED light supplier and experience the benefits of their high-quality and reliable lighting solutions.

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