Hengli’s HDPE: Versatile Applications in Various Industries

HDPE high density polyethylene is a widely used plastic material valuable for its versatility, durability, and stability. Hengli’s HDPE high density polyethylene products are no exception, with various formulations catering to specific industrial applications. From pressure-bearing water and gas pipes to crates and boxes, Hengli’s HDPE offers a superior solution.

Applications of Hengli’s HDPE

HDPE 23050 is a polymer with a high molecular weight that offers excellent impact resistance, toughness, and superior stress crack resistance, making it ideal for pressure-bearing water, gas, and industrial pipes. HDPE HS GC 7260 is a high-quality plastic formulated to cater to the packaging industry’s rigorous needs. It is lightweight yet highly durable, cost-effective, and can withstand harsh transportation conditions.

On the other hand, Hengli’s HDPE ACP 5831 D, a considerably lighter polymer in comparison with other HDPE formulations, has superior stress crack resistance and exceptional mechanical properties. It caters specifically to manufacturing large liquid containers, turnover boxes, large toys, and packaging barrels.


Hengli’s HDPE high density polyethylene products are versatile and reliable, catering to various industries’ specific needs. As a leader in the manufacturing of thermoplastic resins, Hengli guarantees consistent quality and stability. Its commitment to innovation is evident in its ultra-high activity catalysts and premium polymer formulations that enable the consistent quality of all its HDPE high density polyethylene products. Hengli’s HDPE high density polyethylene is an excellent fit for industries looking for a high-performance, cost-effective, and strong material solution.

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