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Discover the Autophix 9610: The Must-Have Professional Scanner for Volkswagen Vehicles

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient scanner to diagnose Volkswagen vehicles? Look no further! Introducing the Autophix 9610, the ultimate companion for professional distributors. Packed with cutting-edge features and extensive compatibility, this professional OBD2 scanner is designed to swiftly detect and diagnose various control systems, including the engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, and more. Let’s explore the functionalities and advantages offered by this remarkable tool.

Powerful Basic Functions

The Autophix 9610 boasts a range of essential features that simplify diagnostics and maintenance for VW vehicles. Distributors can conveniently read and erase fault codes, ensuring a clear understanding of the vehicle’s health. Additionally, the scanner provides comprehensive version information and enables the retrieval of real-time data streams, allowing for accurate analysis and troubleshooting.

Specialized Functions for VW Vehicles

This scanner goes above and beyond, offering advanced capabilities tailored specifically for VW vehicles. With service reset, distributors can easily perform crucial maintenance tasks, maintaining optimal performance and longevity. The throttle learning function ensures precise responsiveness, while the EPB brake pads replacement feature simplifies brake system maintenance. Furthermore, the Autophix 9610 enables TPMS reset, injector quantity adjustment, DPF regeneration, fuel pump activation, battery registration, airbag reset, and steering angle learning.


For distributors seeking a high-quality and feature-rich OBD2 scanner for Volkswagen vehicles, the Autophix professional OBD2 scanner shines brightly. With its extensive diagnostic capabilities, specialized functions, broad compatibility, and user-friendly interface, this scanner empowers distributors to efficiently and accurately diagnose vehicles, ensuring agent satisfaction and boosting productivity. Stay ahead of the game with the Autophix 9610 by your side!

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