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Cargo Tricycles: The Future of Urban Delivery by Jiangsu JINPENG Group

Jiangsu JINPENG Group Co., Ltd., the world’s leading electric cargo trike manufacturer, is shaping the future of urban delivery through their expertise in electric vehicle research, development, production, and sales.

JINPENG’s cargo tricycles redefine urban deliveries with their eco-friendly design. These electric trikes reduce emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and ensure swift and reliable transportation of goods.

Green Urban Logistics

JINPENG’s cargo tricycles are at the forefront of green urban logistics. Their electric powertrain minimizes carbon footprints, contributing to cleaner and more sustainable cities.

Technological Excellence

Innovation is central to JINPENG’s success. Their cargo tricycles incorporate cutting-edge components, providing exceptional cargo capacity and maneuverability for urban delivery challenges.

Relentless Drive for Innovation

JINPENG employs a team of gifted engineers and designers who continuously enhance their tricycle models leveraging customer input and the latest tech. They optimize every aspect from power efficiency to ergonomics, safety to handling. JINPENG is passionate about innovating to exceed rider expectations and shape the future of cycling.

Robust and Durable Frame Construction

JINPENG selects only the strongest materials like aviation-grade aluminum alloys to construct their trike frames. This provides maximum strength to support heavy loads over thousands of miles. Their meticulous engineering ensures the frames remain resilient even under intense daily use. JINPENG trikes are built to last.


As the world embraces sustainable urban logistics, JINPENG Group’s electric cargo tricycles are a symbol of progress. They represent a cleaner, technologically advanced future for urban deliveries, aligned with the global goal of creating greener cities.

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