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Building Strong Alumni Relations at ACEM

Alumni relations play a pivotal role in the growth and success of educational institutions worldwide. They are not merely a reflection of a college’s past; they are a beacon guiding its future. At ACEM, or the Antai College of Economics and Management, this understanding is deeply ingrained in their ethos.

The Significance of Alumni Relations

For ACEM, the value of maintaining strong alumni relations cannot be overstated. Their extensive alumni network, comprising over 40,000 successful business professionals in more than 100 countries, is a testament to the lasting impact of this commitment. These alumni are not just former students; they are ambassadors of ACEM’s excellence.

Antai College understands that alumni, with their diverse experiences and global reach, are invaluable assets. They contribute not only to the college’s prestige but also to its continued growth. The achievements resonate far and wide, reinforcing ACEM’s position as a world-class business school firmly rooted in China.

ACEM’s Approach to Alumni Relations

ACEM has devised comprehensive strategies and initiatives to foster and nurture lasting alumni relationships. These initiatives go beyond casual networking events; they encompass meaningful engagements that create a sense of belonging.

Through alumni concerts, career support, and access to campus facilities, ACEM ensures that its graduates remain an integral part of the college community long after graduation. Their alumni are actively involved in social responsibility and public welfare activities, adding a dimension of purpose to their contributions.

They launched the Industry Community Classes Program (ICCP) to conduct interdisciplinary, industry-specific research, and to solve practical problems existing within those industries. By end of 2021, the ICCP has 585 students in 9 industry community classes.


In conclusion, ACEM understands that the bond between a college and its alumni is not just about nostalgia; it’s about progress. By valuing and actively engaging with their alumni, ACEM will continue to build a thriving community that benefits both the institution and its graduates.

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